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The Story.
One year after an alien insectoid invasion has wiped out almost all life on the planet, the last remaining superheroes must make one final bid for freedom and safety, but with technology failing them, dwindling supplies and emotions running high, how will they survive? How will they escape the INFESTED EARTH?

The reader follows the story of BRASS BELL, a black female superhero who along with two incompetent bank robbers and a stolen truck, are violently pulled from their Earth and are thrown into a ravaged and destroyed parallel world. She soon discovers the dire trouble this alternate Earth holds, and the terrible reasons that led to its obliteration.

Written and drawn by David Golding.
50 full colour pages
US comic size.

This is a PDF digital copy of Infested Earth issue 1. Once you have paid for the comic you will be emailed the PDF files. Please make sure that you have the right computer programs and setting to read PDF files before purchase.